List Etiquette for Judges-L

With over 1300 subscribers to Judges-L worldwide, it has become increasingly important to follow the guidelines for posting to the List, for the enjoyment of all members of our List.

Judges-L is not a "chat list." Messages of a personal nature, or those which are of interest to one person specifically, are to be sent privately. One-liners, and "me, too!" messages are best sent privately to the poster as well.

Airing of rumors such as:
an exhibitor friend heard at a show yesterday that (someone???) died ??
Has anyone heard a rumor about (someone's???) health this weekend?
is STRICTLYprohibited.

In no way do we intend to inhibit genuine, factual messages of bereavement or proven messages of the passing of our friends. This is not the place,however, to throw out something heard third or fourth hand and sit back and wait for an answer.

Anyone doing so will be either expelled from the list or placed on permanent review status.


The principal clerical errors, that generate complaints to the List owners from other subscribers, and generate private admonitions from Admin are:

1. Failure to change the subject line,
2. Inclusion of your life's story in the signature lines,
3. Sending commands to Judges-L instead of the ListServe,
4. Quoting whole digests and messages in a response.



ON EVERY RESPONSE, from every mail program,
to reflect the actual SUBJECT before sending!



Your signature line is limited to TWO lines only. If yours is longer than two lines, remember to delete the extra ones before sending.



There are TWO separate addresses that you need to use Judges-L.

To send a post to ALL the subscribers of Judges-L, send your post to:


Your post will then appear on the List for all to read and respond to.

The ListServe address is where you must send any commands to change your subscription options, such as starting and stopping mail. That address is:


The ListServe is an automated system that can only read specific commands in the proper format. It cannot answer any questions. An example of when to use the ListServe address is below:

Starting and Stopping Mail

It is the nature of our busy lives as judges to travel, sometimes for a week or so at a time. To prevent your mailbox from overflowing while you are gone, you can postpone your Judges-L mail.

Send a note to: (NOT to Judges-L)

with nothing in the subject line (or the word "none", if your browser requires a subject) and these words in the body of the the post... nothing else


When you want to start up your Judges-L mail once more, send a note again to: (NOT to Judges-L) with the message

or, if you are on Digest,

Any mail you have missed while you were gone can be easily found in the archives. Posts appear in the archives immediately after they are written.


If you wish to get off of the Digest, and receive your Judges-L mail in the normal fashion of individual (deletable) posts:

Send a note to: (NOT to Judges-L)

with nothing in the subject line (or the word "none", if your browser requires a subject) and ONLY these words in the body of the the post... nothing else


To return to Digest format, send the note again to: (NOT to Judges-L) with the message




When replying to anything on Judges-L, you need to delete all of the original message or digest except the few lines you are referring to in your reply. Repeating whole messages, and particularly whole Digests, is annoying to everyone, and reduces the effectiveness of your golden words.

If your browser is automatically quoting all messages, you can stop this by the following steps:

If you are using Netscape:
Click on Edit
Click Preferences on the resulting drop-down menu
Click on "Mail & Newsgroups"
Click on "Messages".

Where it says "Forwarding and Replying to Messages", uncheck the box that says, "Automatically quote original message when replying" and you won't have the problem anymore.

If you are using Internet Explorer's Outlook Express mail program:
Click on Tools
Click on Options
Click on Send
In the options in the lower half of the menu, uncheck the box that says:
"Include message in reply".
Click Apply
Click OK to close.

IF you are using AOL:
AOL doesn't have the option to deselect, rather, you have to make a conscious choice to include quoted material. To do that:
Open the post you wish to reply to.
Highlight the section of text you wish to quote in your response.
Add your response to the quoted material.
Change the subject line.


Please check the other instructional pages on this site first when you have questions, as most answers to using Judges-L are on these pages. If your question isn't answered there, contact one of the List owners, and one of us will be glad to assist.

Patti, Joe, Karin, Sandy, Jeremy