Do It Yourself Options

You can manage all your own subscription options, such as starting and stopping mail, changing from regular posts to digest, etc., and changing your e-mail address, from the Judges-L archives site. You can also use this site as your primary way of accessing Judges-L mail (web-based mail).

 First, access the Archive page

If you already have a password and know how to access the archives, skip down to "Managing your own subscription options."

Go to archives page at:
Make a bookmark in your browser for easy access in the future.

After you click on it you will have to log in with your e-mail address and password. If you haven't chosen a password yet, the system come up with a screen that will prompt you to choose a password and you'll have to wait
a few minutes until a confirmation is e-mailed to you.

Once you have the confirmation of your password, go back to
and log in with your e-mail address and password.

If you then click the button "Save my Password in a Cookie", you won't have to retype it every time you got to the page. I highly recommend doing it. Then when the screen tells you that it is saved, hit the back button and go
back to the list of subjects that week.

You can then click on the current week.

 Managing your own subscription options

To manage all your own SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS:
Click on the button at the top of the page with the 4 little human figures, and it will bring up your account info. From there, you can change your own e-mail address, set yourself to no-mail, or digest, or regular posts, etc,
by checking the appropriate box then clicking the "Update Options" button. To change your address, type the new one in the window where your current address is, and click "Update Options".

 Starting and stopping your mail from the archive site

If you are traveling, check "Mail delivery disabled temporarily."
(NO MAIL). Then click "Update Options". When you return, you can start up delivery again from this page once again by checking the correct box. You can read anything you've missed while you were away in the archives, or read it on the web from another computer.

Web-based Judges-L Mail

You can also use the archives as your MAIN MAIL SOURCE (web-based mail):
Select the current week, from the archives list. The buttons at the top of the page allow you to sort the posts by author, date, chronological order, subject, etc. Click on the second button (sort by date) and then the 4th one
(chronological order) or the 5th one (most recent first).

Read a specific post by clicking on the title of the post, which brings it up in its own window. The buttons at the top allow you to respond to the post, either to the author privately, or to Judges-L, depending on which box you check. Type in a subject line that is accurate for your post, if the current one is not.

Remember, before you send any post, make sure the post is going where you intend it to.

Post in Haste, Repent at Leisure.

Patti, Joe, Karin, Sandy, Jeremy