How to use the Archives

The archives of Judges-L contain all posts written by subscribers since the beginning of the List in August of 1996. The search engine utilized is top-notch, and will quickly return links to the posts using any of several parameters; date, author, subject, or even just a word. We highly recommend that you try the exercise below in order to familiarize yourself with the archive system.

 Archives Exercise:
Search the archives for a presentation.

The Siberian Husky presentation will be the example. To get it, first go to archives page at:
Make a bookmark in your browser for easy access in the future.

If you know the week it was presented you can just scroll down to that week, in this case, the 4th week of January, 1998. After you click on it you will have to log in with your e-mail address and password. If you haven't gotten a password, the system come up with a screen that will prompt you to choose a password and you'll have to wait a few minutes until it is e-mailed to you.

If you then click the button "Save my Password in a Cookie", you won't have to retype it every time you look up something new. We highly recommend doing it. Then when the screen tells you that it is saved, hit the back button and go back to the list of subjects that week.

Next, scroll down that week until you see titles that have "Siberian Husky" in them. In the case of this presentation, the posts are oh-so-conveniently labeled, Siberian Husky #1, #2, etc. (hint to future presenters). After you have read these, you can read the follow-ups, which may extend into the next week or two, which you can access in the same way, looking for subject lines that refer to the Siberian Husky presentation.

If you DON'T know what week something is, or just want to read all posts on a given subject, when you get to ,
click on "Search the Archives."

In the Search for: box, type in Siberian Husky.

If you fill in no other box, then hit the "Start the Search" button, the search engine will then bring up EVERY post, since the beginning of Judges-L with the words "Siberian Husky" anywhere in it, even if it is only a passing reference in a post unrelated to the seminar.

This will give you a lot of posts to wade though, but you are assured of not missing anything due the poster failing to put in the proper subject line.

To be more specific, you can narrow your search by typing in the box
The subject is or contains: Siberian Husky

This will give you every post since the beginning of the Judges-L that has "Siberian Husky" in the subject line. Because of the excellent labeling by the Siberian presenters you will get all of the presentation, as well as the recent posts about the Siberian Husky National Specialty.

If you don't want any extraneous Siberian Husky posts before the Seminar happened, you would fill in the box
Since: with a date or further narrow the search by filling in the box
Until: with a date.

Keep in mind that some of the posts' subject lines might just have "Siberian" but not "Husky, so to make sure you get everything available, you would only type "Siberian" in the "Search for:" or "Subject:" boxes.

If you use the "Subject:" box at all, you will miss any posts about Siberians where the poster uses the Digest and has failed to type in a new subject line because then the subject lines will say something like:

Re: JUDGES-L Digest - 1 Jan 1998 to 2 Jan 1998 (#1998-3) and you won't have any idea what it contains. (BIG HINT to posters, again, DON'T BE LAZY, type in the proper subject line, especially if you use Digest!).

So, using this basic guideline, you can now find almost anything in the Archives.


The online seminars are one of the most popular features of Judges-L and the text of past presentations is available to all subscribers in the archives. The links to photos will be broken in the older presentations, since when they were written, Judges-L photo site was on a different server. Most of the photos are now at . If you open 2 windows in your browser and have one at the archive site and one at the site, you will be able to click on the photo file and match the photo with the text.

We are in the very slow process of converting each of the presentations to html format, so that the pictures and text are together on the site. If you are only looking for a specific presentation, it would be best to start there.

Happy hunting.

Karin, Joe, Patti, Sandy, Jeremy